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Bangladesh set to introduce law on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’


Own report: The State Minister of Cultural Affairs K M Khalid MP said, the government is working to have an age appropriate law with regard to intellectual property rights so that intellectual property holders can be established and protected.

He said this while speaking on a webinar titled “Intellectual Property (IP) & SMEs” organized by the Intellectual Property Association of Bangladesh (IPAB) on Monday (26th April, 2021)

While speaking on the forum, MP K M Khalid ardently appreciated organizers for arranging such a participatory session amid the tough situation of Corona pandemic. He also assured IPAB of his wholehearted support in time of need.

The State Minister of Cultural Affairs MP K M Khalid attended the event as chief guest while the Industry Secretary K M Ali Azam and the Cultural Secretary M Badrul Arefin were present as the special guests respectively. Former Senior Vice President of The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) and the Chairman of Bengal Commercial Bank Md. Jashim Uddin were present as the guest of honor. On the occasion, the President of IPAB, Shamsul Alam Mallick FCA presided over the session. The event was carried out broadly into two sessions: inauguration & papers presentation and then panel discussion & speech of guests. A number of distinguished and high-ranked professionals from different sectors were also present on the occasion.

In opening session, the Member Secretary of Planning Commission Sharifa Khan shared a presentation on event. Shairfa said, IP rights protection are important for SMEs in manufacturing, selling at the domestic markets and exporting their goods or services. And, SMEs are the bloodline in most of economies particularly in the developing countries.

Besides Additional Secretary, DPDT Registrar Md. Abdus Sattar, Additional Secretary Copyright Office Registrar Jafar Raja Chowhury also discussed about about the functions, regulations, achievement and future plan of their respective good offices. IPAB, Director General, Md. Azizur Rahman FCS presented the Economic impact of IPR Sustainable Model in Bangladesh for achieving SDGs by 2030.

The Director General of IPAB, Md. Azizur Rahman said, the Action Points need to be implemented in the IPR Sustainable Model.  Innovation has been changing the global business and entrepreneurs can easily assess the global market using technologies. Under the IPR Sustainable Model, he highlighted the innovation of E-shopping Centre, IP-Digitalization, Entrepreneurship & Enforcement initiatives which develop the institutional capacity for IPAB. This will facilitate IP holders, all types of business community including SMEs in the country and will expedite export opportunities. As a result, it will not be benefited only consumers and business communities but also will value added in our GDP significantly.”

He also furthered, “Moreover, by enforcing illicit trade and IPR issues e.g. Duty Not Paid, Smuggled, Counterfeits and Copyrights violations etc. Government revenue growth could increase more than 9,000 core a year. In this regard, all stakeholders’ including relevant regulators and Government support would be required under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) from the initial level of the IPR Sustainable Model. Otherwise, branding Bangladesh and Business Community will be in challenging situation in global completion to progress our economy.”

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